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Community We Are is an initiative of YourPlaceYourSpace, providing the digital support for people to come together and shape and promote their neighbourhood, town, city or region.

Within 24 hours ....

we will have you set up with your own branded digital space for your place.

After that ....

we will map all the places of interest in your place.

we will showcase your place through features.

we will invite others to contribute with posts and articles.

we will ask people to share their photography and content.

All of this will help ....

bring people together.

Here are some examples of digital spaces we're supporting at YourPlaceYourSpace.




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Project dates

17 Mar 2020 - On-going


Health & wellbeing, Care for the vulnerable, Community safety
People & community, Volunteering, Local services


Your Place Your Space

Jonathan Bostock

0121 410 5520
jonathan.bostock@ yourplaceyourspace.com